Could You Be Self-Sabotaging?

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Think of self-sabotage as constantly and consistently yanking the rug of success and self-satisfaction out from under yourself. Self-sabotage can be subtle or it can be as over whelming as a freight train. I know for sure, self-sabotage can keep you personally and professionally dissatisfied.

Here are five signs you may be self-sabotaging your happiness, success and prosperity –

1. Have you ever felt uncomfortable or embarrassed about not succeeding the way others believe you should?

If you answered “yes,” you’re probably allowing the expectations of others to become your barometer of success. Unconsciously, or consciously, allowing other people to set your standard of success means giving away the ability to experience self-pride and self-satisfaction.

Solution: Make time to write a detailed definition of success. Being comfortable with success means knowing what success feels like, looks like and sounds like. Success is an outward reflection of your conscious and unconscious expectations.
2. Can you describe yourself positively in one sentence?

If you answered “no,” you may not really know or understand what makes you “tick.”

Solution: Write one sentence so descriptive and detailed that if you gave it to a stranger, they’d instantly understand you. In other words, what makes you unique and special?
3. Do you ever worry about the added responsibilities of becoming more successful?

If you answered “yes,” you probably see success as an unpleasant struggle. If success is uncomfortable, your unconscious mind will do whatever it takes to make sure you stay uncomfortable.

Solution: Make a conscious effort to focus on the joys and benefits of success. Write down at least twenty reasons you believe success is enjoyable. Was it a struggle to find twenty reasons or did it come easily? Are there “truisms” about success you may want to change? How about making a conscious effort to affirm and visualize the positives of success. Would focusing on the positives help change some negative perceptions into more positive ones?
4. Going into a challenging situation, do you visualize and anticipate a successful outcome?

If you answered “no,” ask yourself why. Success is an internal perception and mind-set. You’ll see what you expect to see, hear what you expect to hear and experience what you expect to experience.

Solution: Leave time for planning and anticipating your successes. Expect success!
5. At times, do you downplay your successes so others won’t think you’re bragging?

If you answered “yes,” you’re feeling the discomfort of being recognized as accomplished and successful. There’s a difference between bragging and discussing.

Solution: Make time to discover the unconscious reasons you downplay success. Why are you uncomfortable acknowledging accomplishments? Who thinks you’re bragging and is this person comfortable with his/her own successes?
These questions aren’t scientific and I’m not a psychologist. I am though someone who has lived with self-sabotaging behaviors my adult life. I’m proud to say I’ve conquered many of them. I’ve learned that finding balance in life means finding balance within yourself.

Use these five questions as motivation for changing self-limiting behaviors and reinforcing your personal and professional assets. You have the power to create greatness!

*If you believe you may have an emotional or physical problem, you should consult a doctor or health care professional for diagnosis, help and advice.*


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