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Sharon Michaels – Quick Video Success Tips

Happy 2014!!! Women in business, I have a suggestion for your New Year’s Resolution… Make it a habit to learn new personal and professional skills through out the coming year. You’ll want to subscribe to my empowering YouTube Channel where I share new Quick Video Success Tips weekly. Here’s a quick video about my Channel… […]

Vision Boards – Tools for Transformation

I thought you would particularly enjoy this broadcast of my radio show Women Enjoying Success. I have a great discussion about Vision Boards – Tools for Goal Setting and Transformation with Tess Denton, founder of Destiny Rising, LLC. Tess discusses how to use vision boards for your own goals and the goals of your team. […]

Going For Your Dreams

Allowing yourself the luxury of dreaming of an ideal future is one of the most exciting aspects of setting goals. For many of us, allowing our imaginations to run wild and dream BIG is difficult and in fact, for some it is downright uncomfortable.  As children using our imaginations didn’t take a plan or effort, […]

3 Reasons To Dream BIG

I’m a believer that the bigger your hopes, dreams and goals – the bigger your results.  Here are 3 reasons for dreaming BIG:  1. Your inner motivators begin to take hold when you have something exciting and powerful you truly want to make a reality.  I’ve been working on my new Vision Board (see the videos on […]

The Law of Attraction Works!

Thought I’d share one of my favorite Women Enjoying Success broadcasts. This one was recorded “live” on Sunday, May 31, 2009.  My special guest, Amy Kaminski, has a powerful success story to tell! Wallace Wattles talked about visualizing in 1910 – Napoleon Hill wrote about it in 1937 and Rhonda Byrne reminded us of its […]

Vision Boards – Additional Resources

Your Vision Board is a powerful success tool, especially when you can look at it regularly and actually see with your mind’s eye your goals becoming reality. Watch my video and then take a look at some of the resources I’ve compiled for you – here’s to your success! Here’s video 4 in our 4 part […]

Assembling Your Vision Board

You’ve decided on your goals, gathered your supplies, cut out some meaningful pictures and sayings - now it is time to let the fun begin! Carve out a block of quiet time for yourself to gather all your vision board supplies in one location and to begin to arrange and assemble your board. This is your time […]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Personally, I’m a visual. I like to see my goals in front of me as a powerful and motivational visual reminder of what I’m aiming toward. It’s something tangible I can hold in my hand and look at through out the day! A vision board should contain those pictures, words, symbols that make you happy […]

Creating A Goals Vision Board

A Vision Board dedicated to your goals can be an effective tool for encouraging and maintaining your powerful inner motivators – those personal inner motivators that are essential to achieving goals. Vision Boards are basically visual representations of your goals and future life. It’s a great tool for reinforcing your positive thoughts and goals for the future – […]