Can You Think Yourself Sick?

Your mind is a powerful tool! I believe if you think about something long enough, it either begins to happen or suddenly becomes reality. I also believe that you get what you ask for. But, can we make ourselves sick just by our thoughts or attitude?

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I know in my own life, I’m pretty sure I “thought” myself sick a couple of times. Here is an example I vividly remember:

One year I recall being over extended and constantly feeling edgy and exhausted. I didn’t particularly like my job and I was trying to keep up with learning new professional skills and carving out a “balanced” personal life. I was feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.

I kept saying to myself and to anyone else who would listen to me, “I need a rest.” If I said that once a day, I said it ten times a day. “I need a rest” became my mantra. Guess what happened? I got sick. I literally got the rest I asked for – not quite the way I wanted to be resting but I was resting mind, body and spirit. I honestly believe, I gave myself walking pneumonia. My mind communicated to my body to “give me a rest.”

Here’s what I think: Having walking pneumonia gave me an acceptable way to stop doing what I was doing. In all reality, I had no choice but to rest. I wasn’t slacking off or not keeping up with my responsibilities because of laziness or not working. After all, I was sick and I had a legitimate reason to take time off and to sleep, read my books, watch some television or just do nothing.

I still shake my head in wonder – the mind is such a wondrous and powerful tool. I’ve since learned that I don’t have to make excuses to take time off to rest and rejuvenate.

I like to say that we can use the awesome power of our mind for either good or evil – it is our choice. The good would be to make our goals reality or attract the right people and right places into our lives. The evil would be when we think ourselves depressed or sick or constantly and consistently attract negativity into our lives.

Everyday we have choices – some of our choices are conscious and some are unconscious. Some of our choices have become habits just like the daily mantra I kept saying to myself and repeating about needing a rest. I believe that it is the quality of these choices that keep us healthy or unhealthy. Remember, we get what we ask for. Let me ask you this: Have you been asking for good health lately?

What do you think, do we have the power to think ourselves sick?


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