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Larry Winget pulls no punches. This isn’t your average personal finance book – it’s a mix of tough love, personal development and financial self-help. If you’re serious, really serious about getting your financial house in order, this book is for you.

You’re Broke Because You Want To Be: How to stop getting by and start getting ahead by Larry Winget is financial tough love. I’ve been reading and listening to Larry Winget for over fifteen years. I can tell you this; he says what most of us wish we had the guts to say about our finances. If you’re not ready to seriously take a long hard look at your financial life, don’t bother reading any further. You’ll get as much out to this book as you are emotionally and physically willing to put into it.

You’re Broke Because You Want To Be is written for us average working class people who want to get and keep our financial freedom. If you’re making a living but not getting ahead, read on.

Here’s a look at what’s in You’re Broke Because You Want To Be:
Part One: Why You’re Broke
Part Two: How To Start Getting Ahead
Part Three: Proof That It Can Be Done!
Also included is information about a free video download – Five Financial Lessons from Larry

He tells you right off the bat what to expect and what your role will be in reading this book. He also describes, on the back cover, ideally who should be reading and working this book. Do you spend more than you earn? Do you have little or no savings? Is Social Security your retirement plan? Are you clueless about how to fix your situation?

If I had to describe Larry Winget’s style, it would be straightforward, blunt and sometimes he uses language that isn’t always polite in mixed company. But, what he has to say makes a whole lot of practical sense. He’s telling it like it is – you’re either going to be proactive with your finances or you’ll continue living paycheck to paycheck. Here’s an example: “The Real Secret! What you think about, talk about, and get off your a_ _ and do something about comes about.”

All lessons are backed up by activities and worksheets. It’s up to us to take a “hands-on” approach to creating our financial well being. Larry gives us the practical day-to-day financial tools and we just need to use them.

I highly recommend this book if you are not faint of heart and if you’re truly serious about working to put and keep your financial house in order.

“In order to have what you have never had and get something you have never gotten, you have to do something you have never done.” Larry Winget

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