Believing You Are The Greatest

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A major characteristic separating successful, self-satisfied people from those who are less successful, is positive and healthy self-esteem.

Research shows a direct relationship between healthy self-esteem and long lasting success. Why? Unconsciously you are always judging your personal ability to succeed and thrive. Eventually all that judging forms either healthy or unhealthy self-esteem. The unconscious mind makes sure you only achieve a level of success consistent with how positively you feel about yourself and your ability to succeed.

Have you ever noticed that when you begin to stretch, grow and come out of your comfort zone, you start feeling a little unsettled and uncomfortable? That’s because you’re doing something inconsistent with the picture you’ve formed in your mind’s eye of what you can and can’t succeed at. If this inconsistency is too uncomfortable, you’ll literally stop yourself from changing, stretching and succeeding.

To change on the outside, you must first change on the inside.

If you want to live a life overflowing with healthy self-esteem, happiness and wealth, look to how you feel about yourself on the inside. Is your self-esteem healthy or unhealthy? To succeed to your full potential, it’s time to believe without an ounce of doubt that you deserve the best life possible.

Believing you are the greatest means:

~ Thinking, knowing and accepting that you can and will achieve your personal and professional best.

~ Talking about yourself in positive empowering ways.

~ Seeing yourself as worthy and deserving of happiness and success

~ Setting manageable and achievable goals that stretch but don’t break you.

~ Believing, without a doubt, that you deserve to live your dreams.

Have you heard the saying, when my ship comes in I’ll probably be at the bus station?

True happiness, purpose and healthy self-esteem begins when you believe you are always in the right place at the right time. This means living with the unstoppable belief that the right opportunities, people and experiences are always flowing into your life. This unstoppable optimistic belief is vital to enjoying healthy self-esteem.

You have the ability, at this very moment, to attract the right place at the right time into your life. Expect to succeed, be happy and wealthy and your healthy self-esteem will show you the way.

Believing you are the greatest means believing in your greatness. Healthy self-esteem allows you to believe in yourself and your instincts. It’s up to you to listen, believe and act!


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