Belief In Yourself Is Your Greatest Asset

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Self-doubt can destroy self-confidence and chip away at your healthy self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem allows you to believe in yourself one hundred percent. To achieve your true potential and live your life’s mission, start by totally believing in yourself and your dreams for the future.

A recent study found that people with unhealthy self-esteem consistently distrusted their judgment, felt more hopeless and were afraid of the future. Many in the study suffered from the nagging fear of incompetence and self-doubt.

You probably know from your own past experiences, that whatever you fear most usually becomes a reality in your everyday life. If in your mind the future is distressing, it will probably turn out to be distressing in your reality too.

How can we change this? Value and believe in your abilities to keep heading forward, toward a healthy, happy and productive future. If you consistently live with self-doubt, you begin feeling unworthy and undeserving of success and happiness.

Nagging feelings of unworthiness can produce many forms of “self-abuse” including: being a workaholic, negative self-talk, and many different types of self-sabotaging behaviors. All of this adds up to unhealthy self-esteem.

Your belief in yourself is very personal. Make time to list all your special and unique talents. Take time to appreciate your talents and assets. Right now, can you list your top ten talents? Pretty impressive, aren’t they? How about making some time every day to appreciate yourself and affirm your many wonderful talents and qualities?

Here’s a sure-fire way to enhance self-esteem: Concentrate on your abilities and talents, not your short-comings. Focus on the great things you’ve accomplished. The perfect person does not exist. If you’re consistently striving for perfection you’ll more than likely end up experiencing frustration and discouragement.

You can do a great job enhancing self-esteem by fully and totally believing in your ability to succeed.

Value yourself, even if others seem not to believe in you and your dreams. Sometimes the people closest to you just don’t have the ability to give the encouragement you want and need. Draw on those powerful inner motivators to keep going forward.

Begin a journal to document all of the powerful and positive things you’ve accomplished for the day. Before going to bed, write at least one positive thing you’ve created or accomplish that day. In a few months you’ll have so many positive accomplishments that your self-esteem will growing healthier and healthier and your self-confidence will be unshakable.

What have you done today to enhance your self-esteem?
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