Being Yourself – Being Your Best

Growing up, many of us were compared to our siblings or relatives or peers or even characters on television. It’s like we were always striving to be something better or different – something we weren’t because obviously, being ourselves just wasn’t good enough.

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Whether we realized it or not, every little comparison to someone else took a little chip out of our self-esteem and out of our self-confidence. We began to feel as it we weren’t good enough or smart enough or pretty enough or …

I know that happened in my life and I remember it vividly. I was told, “Why can’t you be more like Mary Margaret.” Of course, Mary Margaret got all A’s, helped around the house, never talked backed or, as far as I know, ever did anything wrong. In the eyes of my mother, Mary Margaret was perfection, the perfect daughter.

Realistically I know my mother did the best she could and thought she was giving me an example, role model or a goal to aim toward. Little did she know that every time she waxed poetic about how wonderful Mary Margaret was, I felt inadequate. My child-like reaction was to think that mom wished I’d been Mary Margaret instead of Sharon. As I think about it as an adult, it doesn’t make much sense. But we have to remember that those lasting impressions of being worthy and deserving began in childhood, when we are trying to figure out what makes us special, unique and lovable.

Many of us grew up comparing ourselves to others – using the traits and accomplishments of others as the standard or benchmark by which we judged ourselves. Today, as competent and powerful women, we are often still using the traits and accomplishment of others to judge ourselves. We are still unconsciously asking ourselves, am I smart enough, good enough, attractive enough, capable enough, lovable enough, worthy enough or deserving enough?

I’m here to say that you are at your best when you are yourself, just the way you are! Being yourself is being your best.

I have a challenge for you, stand in front of your mirror and look yourself right in the eyes and say, “I like and love myself just the way I am.” Now repeat that sentence to yourself until you’re smiling and holding your head up high with complete self-confidence – - – until you truly believe that being yourself is the best person to be.


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