Beauty In Your Own Backyard

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There’s a series of essay’s written in 1910 about the beauty and power of friendship. In this one section the author talks about the friendship we have with “ourselves” – making time to enjoy our own company. He writes about finding the beauty around us instead of feeling the need to travel far away to find something that is in our own backyard. I believe this is something we should all be thinking about . . .

Here’s an excerpt from Adventures in Friendship by David Grayson – written in 1910.

Beauty? I have no need to go a mile: I have only to come up through my thicket or cross my field from my own roadside—and behold, a new heaven and a new earth!

Things grow old and stale, not because they are old, but because we cease to see them. Whole vibrant significant worlds around us disappear within the somber mists of familiarity. Whichever way we look the roads are dull and barren. There is a tree at our gate we have not seen in years: a flower blooms in our door-yard more wonderful than the shining heights of the Alps!

It has seemed to me sometimes as though I could see men hardening before my eyes, drawing in a feeler here, walling up an opening there. Naming things! Objects fall into categories for them and wear little sure channels in the brain. A mountain is a mountain, a tree a tree to them, a field forever a field. Life solidifies itself in words. And finally how everything wearies them and that is old age!

Is it not the prime struggle of life to keep the mind plastic? To see and feel and hear things newly? To accept nothing as settled; to defend the eternal right of the questioner? To reject every conclusion of yesterday before the surer observations of to-day? Is not that the best life we know?


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