Are You Making Success a Struggle?

Here’s what I’ve found in my own life and also common among many coaching clients – unless and until you truly believe you are worthy and deserving of success, happiness and prosperity, you’ll make success a struggle.

Here are a few ways we might be taking the joy out of success:

1. Procrastination – Putting off what you know will take you closer to your goals can chip away at self-esteem and self-confidence. Procrastinate long enough, and you begin to lose your enthusiasm and momentum. Once success becomes a struggle your unconscious mind equates succeeding with discomfort and then begins to find even more ways to avoid going forward – - – and so, the procrastinating cycle begins.

2. Perfectionism – If you are a perfectionist I’ll bet you also procrastinate. Perfectionists spend a whole lot of time preparing to prepare until everything is “just right.” Perfectionism makes success a long hard struggle because all the preparation leaves very little time to enjoy the victory of achieving.

3. Disorganization – Keeping yourself disorganize and “off-balance” is not only frustrating but physically stressful. It’s hard to keep going forward in positive productive ways when surrounded by clutter and chaos.

4. Negativity – It’s true, negativity breeds negativity. Negative thoughts will keep you in a self-imposed comfort zone that often limits your ability to go for your goals. A comfort zone of negativity is like a self-imposed invisible fence of discomfort that kicks in as soon as you decide to think bigger, be more productive and try new things. If you feel you’re having a difficult time expanding your comfort zone, I invite you to check out my EBook and Audio Is Your Comfort Zone Too Comfortable – I show you step-by-step how to expand your comfort zone and go for your goals.

5. Fear – Fear is debilitating! Fear of success, failure, the unknown – it’s any fear that keeps you locked in your negative comfort zone. Fear often means not looking forward because the unknown is too frightening. Facts can help eliminate fear. Take baby steps toward facing your fears and success will become less of a struggle and more of a reality.

Do any of these five “struggles” relate to you? Success shouldn’t be an emotional struggle. Oh yes, success is work but it shouldn’t be a struggle. Success should enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence, not destroy it. If you believe you’re making success struggle then it’s time to look at what success means to you – is success enjoyable or an internal battle? What are you willing to do to change the negatives into positives?

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