Are You Limiting Your Expectations?

During my twenty plus years of coaching women in business, I’ve discovered many ambitious women are afraid to dream BIG. We keep our hopes, dreams and goals within a “safe” self-imposed comfort zone.

Here is a success truth – You have unconsciously programmed yourself to live up or down to unconscious expectations of your ability to succeed.

If you are reluctant to set goals and/or rarely achieve the goals you do set, you may have unconsciously placed self-limiting expectations on your ability to enjoy success.

Self-limiting expectations keep us in a “safe” comfort zone – one that can hold us back from trying new things, exploring new opportunities or writing awesome goals. Self-limiting behaviors often have us living down to the expectations that others may have imposed upon us.

How do these self-limiting expectations affect us today?
Today, as an adult if we begin to come out of these self-imposed “safe” comfort zones, we’ll unconsciously begin to sabotage success. Self-sabotage are those subtle things we unconsciously do to ourselves that undermine the ability to succeed and thrive.

Let me ask you this: If you are not succeeding the way you know you can, could you be unconsciously living down to self-limiting expectations? Could there be old childhood programs influencing you as an adult?

Here’s an empowering activity: Make some quiet time to sit and remember what expectations growing up role models had about your ability to succeed? Were you the “star” achiever or were you given a more supportive role? Your childhood role within the family has a huge impact on your adult expectations for success.

Your desire to set, work toward and achieve goals is a direct reflection of the high or low expectations you’ve set for yourself.

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