Activities To Nurture A Prosperous Mind


Definition of prosperous: Having success; flourishing.

1. Read powerful and empowering books

2 Listen to self-development tapes

3. Attend skill building workshops

4. Become part of professional and personal networking groups

5. Success-oriented people attract success-oriented people, so spend more time and energy with positive people who want to achieve positive things  

6. Think in terms of can do and will do

7. Take positive action that focus on positive powerful results

8.  Make time to include your family and loved ones in on your success celebrations

9. Keep a scrapbook or journal of your successes and accomplishments, it’s good for motivating yourself on the down days

10.  Make time to spend quiet moments enjoying the beauty and appreciating the sounds of silence

11. Be grateful for the abundance and opportunities you have in your life now and will have in the future.


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