A Girl Scout is Thrifty


Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I love history. I enjoy reading the books, magazines and other materials that helped shape the values and beliefs of our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers. 

This excerpt is taken from the Official Girl Scout Handbook published in 1925. These teachings would have influenced my mother, which in turn had some influence on me.

As I read these eighty year old materials, there are some things I shake my head and chuckle over and things, like this excerpt, that still make as much sense today as it did when published in 1925. 

Enjoy! Please, write a comment and let us know what you think . . . 

A Girl Scout Is Thrifty

This means that a Girl Scout is a girl who is wise enough to know the value of things and to put them to the best use. The most valuable thing we have in this life is time, and girls are apt to be stupid about getting the most out of it. A Girl Scout may be known by the fact that she is either working, playing or resting. All are necessary and one is just as important as the other.

Health is probably a woman’s greatest capital, and a Girl Scout looks after it and saves it, and doesn’t waste it by poor diet and lack of exercise and fresh air, so that she goes bankrupt before she is thirty.

Money is a very useful thing to have, and the Girl Scout decides how much she can afford to save and does it, so as to have it in an emergency. A girl who saves more than she spends may be stingy; a girl who spends more than she saves may go in debt.  A Girl Scout saves, as she spends, on some system.

Did you ever stop to think that no matter how much money a man may earn, the women of the family generally have the spending of most of it? And if they have not learned to manage their own money sensibly,how can they expect to manage other people’s? If every Girl Scout in America realized that she might make all the difference, some day, between a bankrupt family and a family with a comfortable margin laid aside for a rainy day, she would give a great deal of attention to this Scout law.

In every great war all nations have been accustomed to pay the costs of the war from loans; that is, money raised by the savings of the people. Vast sums were raised in our own country during the great war by such small units as Thrift Stamps. If the Girl Scouts could save such wonderful sums as we know they did in war, why can they not keep this up in peace? For one is as much to their Country’s credit as the other.


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