7 Ways To Relax Your Mind


Are you feeling frazzled and a little at wits end?

Is it time to take an emotional vacation? 

Enjoy these seven ways to relax and calm your mind. 

1.  Go fly a kite – really go fly a kite. Just feel the freedom of flight and relax as if you were a child playing. Enjoy being outdoors – sit in the cool grass, watch the white clouds move in the blue sky, listen to the birds singing! 

2.  Unleash your creativity. Write, paint or compose that book, portrait or song that’s waiting to be created. Inside of you right now, is a masterpiece wanting to be created. We all have the ability to craft something great and inspirational – we just have to give ourselves permission to allow our greatness to shine through.

3.  Listen to a good book. Having someone read to you can be very relaxing. Listening to a gifted reader read one of your favorite books can be the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. A good actor can literally make a book come “alive” and take you mentally and emotionally into the story. Books on CD are available at you local library, bookstores, online at Amazon.com and on iTunes or Audible.com.                                                    

4.  Take a walk and appreciate the beauty of nature. Exercise is a wonderful way to relieve tension and tone up mind, body and spirit. As you are walking you can listen to your favorite music or recite your affirmations. Be present and be in the moment – enjoy your walk! 

5.  Relax in a nice long shower or soak in a warm bubble bath. If in the shower, allow the water to massage your muscles and relax your mind. If in the bath, sit back, relax and visualize an empowered future. 

6.  Get a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. Turn off the television! Reduce stress before bed by making at least 20 minutes to sit quietly, breathe in and out slowly and visualize a happy, peaceful and empowering scenario. Meditation and visualization are powerful and very effective natural stress reducers. 

7.  Begin a vision board of peaceful destinations you’d like to visit. Close your eyes and see yourself in your ideal vacation destination. Half the fun of creating a vision board is collecting the words, pictures and symbols that are representative of your goals. You can create a vision board dedicated just to picturing the relaxing vacation of your dreams.

I recommend this interactive vision board for your computer, you can even add music – take a look: Visualize Your Goals/Orange Peel

When you are relaxed, you can think clearly about your life and your future. No matter what is going on in your life, you’ll be better able to deal with it when you come from a place of empowerment rather than a place of stress and worry.  

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