5 Internal Success Stumbling Blocks


Success stumbling blocks are any physical or emotional habits, beliefs or traits that may keep you from living a professionally empowered, successful and fulfilled life. These stumbling blocks are generally unconsciously self-imposed and have become a part of your success mindset. 

Stumbling Block One

Are you allowing your negative “selves” to control your success? These are the unconscious “selves” that can be negative and disempowering and may be keeping you from going positively forward. 

Example: Self-consciousness, low self-esteem, self-doubt, negative self-talk, etc. What other negative “selves” can you think of that have the potential to destroy the ability to go successfully forward?


Stumbling Block Two

Are you making excuses instead of goals? When you’re unconsciously reluctant to come out of your perceived success comfort zone, there’s a tendency to make excuses for not going forward in positive and productive ways.

Example: When someone is in “excuse mode” it is often easier to list all the negative reasons something can’t be finished rather than actually completing the task.


Stumbling Block Three

Are you reluctant to become too successful? Doesn’t make much sense does it? When you think about it, why would someone be afraid of success? After all, success is fun and rewarding – isn’t it? For some, success can seem like a huge responsibility and the burden of time and energy may be too great.

Example: Somewhere and somehow, the unconscious mind has learned to equate success with struggle. Let’s say dad or mom got that long awaited promotion and they had to work more hours with less time for the family. In this scenario, success doesn’t seem to be emotionally rewarding for anyone.


Stumbling Block Four

Are you too busy to be successful? Poor time management skills will make success a struggle! Learning how to effectively organize your time and energy can be a powerful success tool. 

Example: When you’re disorganized, self-talk can go something like this: “Too little time and so much to do. Being successful isn’t all it was cracked up to be. When does this become less stressful and more fun? Why am I working this hard?” Pretty soon you’re tired, cranky and self-sabotaging success.


 Stumbling Block Five

Are you stuck in your comfort zone? A comfort zone is like an invisible fence that can keep you confined to those areas in which you are emotionally and physically comfortable. You’ve trained yourself to unconsciously stay within these emotionally safe areas. If you try to venture out, you can actually experience emotional and physical distress. The good news; comfort zones can be expanded!

Example: A new business opportunity presents itself but you are reluctant. You’ve never done anything like this before and you’re feeling uncomfortable. You begin talking yourself out of accepting the opportunity because it is just too much work. You decide to stay where you are and the opportunity is lost.

Success stumbling blocks come in all emotional shapes and sizes. Recognizing the stumbling blocks, having the desire to change and then taking positive action are powerful ways to change negative habits into more positive ones.  

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