3 Ways To Overcome Negativity


We’re human! Some days and even weeks are better than others. It is normal and natural to feel down and discouraged now and then. It’s when negativity takes over our day-to-day habits that it’s time to stop and address the ways we can become more empowered in our lives. 

The successful happy person knows how to counteract negativity. Here are three ways I’ve discovered to help overcome negativity: 

1. Place yourself only in empowered and uplifting situations.

  • Carefully choose to participate only in those activities that are positive and uplifting for you emotionally, spiritually and physically.
  • Surround yourself with positive empowered people who see the future as hopeful and exciting.
  • Thoughtfully choose where you spend your time and energy. Choose those places that will energize your mind with thoughts of success, happiness and prosperity.

 2. Volunteer your time and energy to those who haven’t been blessed with the positives you’ve experienced in your life. Giving to others can boost your spirit and also, your desire to succeed. You can volunteer in schools, hospitals, shelters, etc.

  • Choose to work with those who are less fortunate.
  • Give your time and nurturing spirit to those who are less healthy.
  • Work with those who are less hopeful about the future. 

3. Is it time to check your day-to-day attitude? Like attracts like. When we’re negative in mind, body and spirit – we often attract others who are negative in mind, body and spirit.

  • How is your self-talk? Words can either empower or discourage. What you are consistently saying to yourself day-to-day can be some of the most important words you’ll ever hear!
  • Have you taken a good hard look at your consistent thoughts and emotions? Are your thoughts and emotions generally hopeful, encouraging and empowering?
  • Do you have dreams and goals for the future? Do you have something to look forward to achieving and plan on accomplishing? Hope for the future is a powerful and positive inner motivator.

You deserve a happy success life! Overcoming and counteracting negativity is a huge part of your day-to-day ability to go forward in positive and empowering ways. Your day-to-day outlook and attitude about life can make the difference between just surviving thriving. How will you overcome and counteract negativity? 

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