3 Reasons To Dream BIG

I’m a believer that the bigger your hopes, dreams and goals – the bigger your results. 

Here are 3 reasons for dreaming BIG: 

1. Your inner motivators begin to take hold when you have something exciting and powerful you truly want to make a reality. 

I’ve been working on my new Vision Board (see the videos on this blog) and as I glued the words and pictures on it, I realized that I have some lofty goals.

I also realized I started to get pretty excited seeing my goals in pictures – pictures of things I want to become reality in my life. Now, when I think about sleeping in or watching a dumb program on TV, I go and take a look at my vision board. 

Here’s what I found from personal experience – the bigger and more emotionally charged you can make your emotional “why” – the more likely you’ll achieve your goals.

 2. When you have a purpose, you can powerfully focus your time and energy. 

Have you ever noticed that as you are getting ready to go on an exciting vacation you’re laser-beamed focused on what you want to get finished before you leave? You’re more organized, have well thought-out to-do lists and even seem to have more energy. 

That’s what dreaming BIG and having a goal can do for you. Going for your dreams should keep you laser-beamed focused on doing those useful things that will take you positively forward.

 3. Dreaming BIG helps you to look toward the future, positively. Dreams give you hope – the hope that things can be and will be bigger, brighter and better. 

Every one needs a BIG dream. Why? A BIG dream has the power to get us up in the morning to do those day-to-day things that take us positively toward the future. We have choices - we can choose not to have hope or we can choose to excitedly head toward the future.

My choice – to look at my vision board first thing in the morning and feel the hope for an exciting and BIG future!

Do you dream BIG? Please share your comments, tips and suggestions – we value your insight.


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    Thanks for posting about this, I would like to read more about this topic.

  2. sharonmichaels
    Posted 07/26/2009 at 8:30 am | Permalink

    I agree – we need to read more about our power to Dream BIG! Sometimes, I believe, we’re afraid to be disappointed so we emotionally stop ourselves from asking for what we really want.

    What do you think?