Monthly Archives: June 2013

Belief In Yourself Is Your Greatest Asset

Self-doubt can destroy self-confidence and chip away at your healthy self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem allows you to believe in yourself one hundred percent. To achieve your true potential and live your life’s mission, start by totally believing in yourself and your dreams for the future. A recent study found that people with unhealthy self-esteem consistently distrusted […]

Defining Your Target Market

Growing a successful business is about making time to describe in detail your target market. What are their ages, likes and dislikes, concerns for the future, what do they do for relaxation and fun, where do they shop, what will make their lives easier, happier, fuller, more productive and/or less stressful? Here’s a chart that […]

Wise Choices

Here’s the bottom line: The choices you’re making today may affect the rest of your life. During times of turmoil and transition it’s wise to be very careful with your choices and decisions. Knee-jerk emotional reactions may leave you hurting and confused.  Well thought out actions will move you forward in powerful positive ways. Choices […]