Monthly Archives: December 2012

10 Positive and Happy Ways To Begin 2013

Can you believe it – it is the New Year. It’s time to take stock of how many ways you can begin 2013 with a smile on your face and optimism in your heart. Here are 10 ways I’m going forward in 2013 – come join me! 1. Right now, at the beginning of the […]

Start 2013 on a Money Making Run

Start The New Year Off on a Moneymaking Run! Every New Year brings new hope, new possibilities and new moneymaking opportunities for yourself and your business. Women in business, I want to show you how to make 2013 your most productive personal and professional year ever! Give me your focused time and energy and in just 5 […]

Healthy Self-Esteem and Money

Healthy self-esteem allows you to thrive financially and not just live paycheck to paycheck. How? By giving you the emotional self-confidence to learn, earn and thrive. Here are three ways to enhance your financial self-confidence as well as your healthy self-esteem: 1. Take your financial self-confidence to the next level – read, learn and grow. […]