Monthly Archives: January 2012

Does Personal Development Work?

The answer is yes! Personal development works when there is an emotional, spiritual and physical commitment to changing the negative habits that are no longer serving you and to consistently work on those strengths that will take you forward in positive, productive ways. Here are a few tips. 1. Do a self-assessment of your day-to-day […]

From So-So To So Successful – Sharon Michaels

I know you are going to enjoy listening to this 2 part series from my radio show Women Enjoying Success. Join me as I share the 10 quick personal development tips that can take you from so-so to so much more successful in 2012. Be ready to take my fun and eye-opening self-assessment quiz. Have […]

How To Stay Motivated Everyday

Coaching clients often ask how they can maintain their professional motivation day after day, even when things aren’t happening fast enough or going as planned. Here is what I like to suggest: 1. Concentrate and focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. 2. Do at least one moneymaking activity EVERYDAY! 3. Say […]