Monthly Archives: November 2011

Beauty In Your Own Backyard

There’s a series of essay’s written in 1910 about the beauty and power of friendship. In this one section the author talks about the friendship we have with “ourselves” – making time to enjoy our own company. He writes about finding the beauty around us instead of feeling the need to travel far away to […]

How To Clear Your Mind

A clear mind can make clear and empowered decisions. There are times when we all just need to step back, take some quiet reflective time to clear and calm our mind. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Take a long walk surrounded by the beauty of nature. The hours around dusk and dawn can be […]

Creating Holiday Traditions

Are you ready to create your own special and memorable holiday tradition – one that will create memories not only for you but, for generations to come? I know personally that the older I become, the more I’m interested in preserving “traditions.” I want to create some special traditions others will remember and may be […]

Holiday Memories – Are They Joyful or Stressful?

Holiday memories can often become a mixed bag of emotions – some happy and joyful, some sweet and sentimental and even some that are disappointing and stressful. The funny thing is that even as an adult we are unconsciously bringing these emotions into today’s holiday celebrations. I’m not a psychologist but, I believe that if […]

Guest Blogging – Is It For You?

I know you will enjoy this broadcast of my weekly radio show Women Enjoying Success. I’ll share how becoming a guest blogger can increase your exposure to your target market and help you become an expert in your field. Be sure to turn up your speakers. Listen to internet radio with Sharon Michaels on Blog […]