Monthly Archives: October 2011

Do You Think Too Small?

I’ve found that many of us are afraid to dream BIG. We keep our hopes, dreams and goals within a “safe” self-imposed comfort zone. Here is a success truth – You have unconsciously programmed yourself to live up or down to unconscious expectations of your ability to succeed. If you are reluctant to set goals […]

Is It Worth Setting Goals?

During coaching sessions I’m often ask if it’s really worth setting goals. Is it worth getting our hopes up just to be disappointed if we don’t achieve our business goals? Let me ask you this: · What would your professional life be like if you didn’t get your hopes up? · What if you didn’t […]

Women Empowering Women Series

I am extremely excited to announce my series of Kindle books that have been recently published on The series is entitled Women Empowering Women because I believe that together we can create an unstoppable energy and synergy of self-empowerment and success. There are two Kindle books published in the series as of October 16, […]

Favorite “Start My Day” Quotations

Who doesn’t need a powerful and motivational quotation first thing in the morning? An empowering quotation can have you thinking positive thoughts all day long. Here’s a suggestion I have for you: Pick a different quotation to read first thing in the morning for the next two weeks. Decide how you are going to implement […]

There Are Only 24 Hours In A Day

Yes, there are only 24 hours in a day! Yes, that’s right, there are only twenty-four hours in a day. Tell me then, why do so many of us try so hard to squeeze out twenty-five or even thirty hours worth of activities into a twenty-four hour day? Typically, how often do you feel stressed […]