Monthly Archives: June 2011

Vision Boards – Tools for Transformation

I thought you would particularly enjoy this broadcast of my radio show Women Enjoying Success. I have a great discussion about Vision Boards – Tools for Goal Setting and Transformation with Tess Denton, founder of Destiny Rising, LLC. Tess discusses how to use vision boards for your own goals and the goals of your team. […]

Women – Taking Care of Ourselves All Day Long

We’re women and that generally means our days are both physically and mentally busy. As we go about our daily personal and professional tasks, most of us rarely make time to step back and take care of ourselves. If we are going to work effectively and have the good health to enjoy it, self-care is […]

How To Keep Going When It Gets Tough

Here are five ways to stay the course and keep going forward when the going gets tough. You can listen and read the text! Be sure your speakers are turned up. (8 Minutes 39 Seconds)   Have you ever gotten discouraged when things were not happening fast enough? I know from personal experience that it’s […]

Be Wise With Your Money Decisions

The economy is down and those day-to-day financial decisions that use to be so easy seem to have suddenly taken on more urgency and importance. Making a wise choice is about being responsible for and living with the outcome of your decision. Many of us fear the repercussions of our choices, especially when it comes to our […]

Women In Business – Are You Avoiding Success?

Are you avoiding success? Sounds almost absorb doesn’t it – avoiding success, why would anyone do that? Here’s something to think about: 1. You start to work on a task that will take your business forward and find yourself getting distracted by something that is not as important. 2. Even if you don’t mean to, […]