Monthly Archives: April 2011

Using Your Time Wisely

I’m often asked how to use time more wisely. Coaching clients relate how time just seems to slip away and not much seems to get done. Many of us feel like we are working hard but aren’t seeing results for all the time we’re putting in to our work.  Let me share a few suggestions:  […]

Women in Business – Success Takes Time

Sharon Michaels shares how progress happens as we stay focused on heading positively toward our goals. Success doesn’t happen overnight! Be sure to turn up your speakers! LinkedTube Copyright ©2011 Sharon Michaels – All Rights Reserved I’m Sharon Michaels and my business is dedicated to empowering and coaching women in business. I show women entrepreneurs […]

Top Ten Tools to Boost Self-Motivation

Keeping yourself going forward when the going gets tough takes skill, willpower and resolve. Here are five of my favorite methods for staying self-motivated and focused on the future: 1. Visualizations and Affirmations – Visualizations guide and direct specific mental motion pictures beyond your conscious, and often limiting beliefs, into “ideal” scenarios. Visualizing is used […]

The Power of Networking

I thought you would enjoy this week’s broadcast of my radio show Women Enjoying Success. It’s all about how to build powerful relationships through networking. Be sure to turn up your speakers! Listen to internet radio with Sharon Michaels on Blog Talk Radio Join host Sharon Michaels and a panel of networking experts as they […]

Can Weather Shape Our Moods?

I’ve often wondered if the seasons really do affect our moods. Are we happier in the summer than the winter? Are we more hopeful in the spring than the fall? I found somewhat differing research studies, one from Germany and one from the University of Michigan but in both studies, certain patterns seem to emerge: […]

When Is Enough, Enough

When is it time to say enough is a enough? There is a difference between giving up and facing the inevitable. Here are some questions to ask yourself. You can listen and read the text! Be sure your speakers are turned up. Length of audio: 3 minutes 49 seconds During coaching sessions I’m often asked: […]

Prosperity Affirmations

Affirmations are short, present tense statements that are alive with positive energy and unshakable conviction and optimism. Your affirmations should be positive, personalized, easy to understand and remember, and can excitedly form vivid pictures of prosperity in your mind.  Here are some examples: ~  Money, prosperity and abundance are constantly flowing into my life. ~  […]