Monthly Archives: September 2010

Are You Making Success a Struggle?

Here’s what I’ve found in my own life and also common among many coaching clients – unless and until you truly believe you are worthy and deserving of success, happiness and prosperity, you’ll make success a struggle. Here are a few ways we might be taking the joy out of success: 1. Procrastination – Putting off what […]

The Power To Succeed – An Interview With Sharon Michaels

Listen as Performance Coach Janet Hilts interviews Women Enjoying Success executive producer and host Sharon Michaels about her 20+ years of empowering, mentoring and coaching women to greater personal and professional success. Sharon will share some of the powerful “aha’s” and lessons she’s learned along the way. It’s all about Women Enjoying Success! Click on the Blog […]

Do You Ever Just Want To Give Up?

  You can listen and read the text! Be sure your speakers are turned up. Length of audio: 4 minutes 43 seconds We’ve all felt discouraged now and then when things aren’t going right. So, what distinguishes those who may feel discouraged and can still keep going forward from those who give up? It’s really […]

A Review – Let’s Take The Long Way Home

I wrote an article for and a review for about this wonderful and touching book and wanted to share it with you too. Enjoy! Gail Caldwell does an exquisite job of inviting you to share her innermost thoughts and feelings about friendship, addiction and love. This book is a love story about best […]

Is Change Necessary For Success?

I’m often asked if change is necessary to achieve goals – here’s a short story I found about change and it is told in only five simple paragraphs. What do you think, is change necessary for success? Chapter 1. I walk down a street and there’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. […]