Monthly Archives: December 2009

How To Prosper In 2010

According to Merriam-Webster Online, prosper means “cause to succeed.” Most of us think of the word prosper in terms of finances and money but it truly encompasses the ability to succeed personally and professionally.  Here are my ten stepping-stones to greater personal and professional prosperity in 2010.  1. Set personal and professional goals. Goals are extremely […]

10 Ways To Begin 2010 With A Smile

Can you believe it – it is the New Year. It’s time to take stock of how many ways you can begin 2010 with a smile on your face and optimism in your heart. Here are 10 ways I’m going forward in 2010 – come join me!  1. Right now, at the beginning of the […]

Developing Financial Self Confidence

Developing financial self-confidence goes hand-in-hand with creating financial security. Here’s a fact: The more financially confident you are, the more money you will allow yourself to create, control and enjoy.   1. Clearly and vividly define wealth and prosperity. Do you have a clear vision of what your wealth looks, sounds and feels like? Have you […]

5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me for Women

The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me for Women About Life and Wealth by Richard Paul Evans is short, sweet and filled with financial pearls of wisdom. Commonsense advice, valuable resources and motivational quotations make this little book a must read for any women ready for financial success.  Truthfully, I am always a little skeptical […]

3 Ways To Overcome Negativity

We’re human! Some days and even weeks are better than others. It is normal and natural to feel down and discouraged now and then. It’s when negativity takes over our day-to-day habits that it’s time to stop and address the ways we can become more empowered in our lives.  The successful happy person knows how […]

10 Signs You May Be Self Sabotaging

Self-sabotage can be subtle. It can be those little self-limiting behaviors, thoughts and habits that keep you from going forward the way you want to and know you can.  Here are 10 signs you may be self-sabotaging the good things in your life:  1. Do you set your expectations or standards too low so you […]