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Seizing The Opportunity

Story of Seizing The Opportunity – American Civil War General and President Ulysses S. Grant Story adapted from a book written 1896 – examples are all masculine but the message is still the same – Be ready to seize the right opportunity when it is staring you in the face! “When I was a boy,” […]

Unlock Your Success Mind-Set

Here are 15 empowering ways to unlock your success mind-set – you hold the keys! 1.      Believe in yourself as a worthy and deserving person. 2.      Believe in your ability to succeed and enjoy success. 3.      Believe that you can and will be successful. 4.      Appreciate yourself and your talents. 5.      List your strengths and […]

Building Your Network Marketing T.E.A.M.

This post is aimed at women growing their network marketing businesses -  American Heritage Dictionary defines Momentum is defined as: The impetus of a moving object; movement; motion.  Isn’t that what network marketing is all about? It’s creating excitement and enthusiasm for yourself and others about the potential for unlimited success and prosperity. Successful network […]

Developing Future Leaders

Business’s explanation of leadership: Unlike management, leadership flows from the core of a personality and cannot be taught, although it may be learnt and may be enhanced through coaching or mentoring. Here are some tips for developing future leaders: ONE: Stick to the basics. It’s easier to gain self-confidence when you begin to feel […]

Believe In Yourself

  A study by Myers and Diener in 1995 showed that no matter the age, a strong and positive belief in yourself and your abilities increases life satisfaction by almost 30%.  A powerful belief that you are capable, worthy and deserving can increase self-satisfaction and happiness at both home and work.  That’s powerful information!   Think about […]

My Personal Success Principles

  We all have certain conscious and/or unconscious “success principles” that guide us along the path to greater personal and professional empowerment.   Here are some of my personal success principles: * I strive to achieve excellence, not perfection. * I make commitments carefully. * I give more to others then I expect in return. * I live […]

If Success Was So Easy, Everyone Would Be One!

Ninety nine percent of succeeding is going forward even when no one else wants to begin the journey. If I told you the road to the top of the highest mountain peak was narrow, full of twists and turns with no guard rails and only partially paved – would you go? Does fear of the […]

Financial Success Checklist for Women

  It makes perfect sense, financially successful women do certain things that woman who aren’t so financially savvy don’t do. So, what are the habits of these financially successful women?  1. Financially savvy women are willing to take well thought out risks. The key words are “well thought out.” To make and grow money involves some […]