Monthly Archives: October 2009

Going Forward

Are you ready to go forward in positive, productive and prosperous ways? It may be time to sit down and decide which habits, people and places are working positively in your life and which ones are not. As Zig Ziglar says, “Is it time for a check up from the neck up?”  1. Is it time to […]

73 Goal Achieving Days Until 2010

Have you started thinking about what you want to finish up during these last months of 2009 and what you want to achieve in 2010? It’s not too early to start setting your sights on your awesome 2010 successes. Listen to my recent show “73 Goal Achieving Days Until 2010″ and leave with practical real-world […]

Activities To Nurture A Prosperous Mind

Definition of prosperous: Having success; flourishing. 1. Read powerful and empowering books 2 Listen to self-development tapes 3. Attend skill building workshops 4. Become part of professional and personal networking groups 5. Success-oriented people attract success-oriented people, so spend more time and energy with positive people who want to achieve positive things   6. Think in […]

Reinforcing The Positive

Your thoughts have the power to control your life! What you think about most often becomes truth. If you dwell on the negative, you begin to see life as negative and unfulfilled. And, you’ll begin attracting more and more negative experiences and people into your life. No one really wants to live in a negative […]

Positive Self-Concept

A major characteristic separating successful, self-assured, self-satisfied people from those who are not as successful, is their positive self-concept.  Research shows a direct relationship between positive self-concept and long lasting success.  Unconsciously, you are judging and analyzing your own self-worth and ability.  The unconscious mind makes sure you only achieve the level of success consistent […]

Excerpt from the Girl Scout Handbook – 1926

I believe we can learn so much from what’s been written for young girls and women. Here’s an excerpt from the Girl Scout Handbook printed in 1926:  Household Economics, the great general business and profession of women, if it is raised to the level of the other great businesses and professions, and managed quickly, efficiently […]

Success Leaves Clues

Quite frankly, successful people consistently do those things that less successful people choose not to do. In other words, success leaves clues. Successful People: Focus on achieving their goals. Successful People: Take responsibility for their actions. Successful People: Stay positive when facing setbacks. Successful People: Adapt to changing times and conditions. Successful People: Know how […]

Six-Day Financial Makeover

The Six-Day Financial Makeover by Robert Pagliarini is thorough – probably one of the most thorough personal finance books I’ve ever read. It’s also well written, practical and covers most    everything you’ll need to know to get your personal financial house in order. Robert’s advice is logical and sequential. He begins at the beginning and […]