Monthly Archives: August 2009

Expecting The Best

Over the years, here is something I’ve learned with absolute certainty - To change on the outside, you must first change on the inside. If you want to find and live your life’s purpose then you must believe without a doubt that you derserve the best life possible! Expecting the best means: Thinking you can and will […]

7 Ways To Relax Your Mind

Are you feeling frazzled and a little at wits end? Is it time to take an emotional vacation?  Enjoy these seven ways to relax and calm your mind.  1.  Go fly a kite – really go fly a kite. Just feel the freedom of flight and relax as if you were a child playing. Enjoy […]

Tips For Achieving Goals

Achieving your goals begins in your heart and moves its way into reality. Achieving goals begins in your heart and moves its way into reality. If you are not emotionally and physically committed to achieving your goals, you’ll give up before payday. Here are a few tips for staying focused on the BIG picture: 1. […]

Lessons From Calamity Jane

Thought you’d enjoy this – certainly a women who could take care of herself: LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF CALAMITY JANE BY HERSELF My maiden name was Marthy Cannary.  I was born in Princeton, Missourri, May 1st, 1852.  Father and mother were natives of Ohio.  I had two brothers and three sisters, I being the oldest […]

Before You Start Marketing Your Business

As an entrepreneur I know how important it is to find and retain loyal clients and customers. Without my clients and customers, I wouldn’t be in business. I’m not a “marketing expert,” but I have learned over the last 20+ years what’s worked and what’s been a waste of my time, money and energy. Here […]

Powerful Prosperity Truths

Over time certain powerful prosperity truths have emerged. When these truths are consciously taken to heart and mind they will make a positive and profitable difference to your day-to-day finances and to your life. 1. Being paid what you are worth means believing you’re worth being paid. Suze Orman in her book Women and Money […]

Top 20 Work At Home Time Wasters

Have you ever noticed how some day-to-day work habits take you forward in positive and motivating ways, while others turn into time wasters? Let me ask you this: Is your home office a minefield of distraction? Working from home can be a great experience if you have the “work at home entrepreneurial mindset.” You know, […]

Could You Be Procrastinating?

Have you ever started to work on your goals and then found yourself dragging your feet? Could you be procrastinating? 1. Are your day-to-day and long-term goals clearly define? Do you know what you want and have you developed a clear and motivating plan for getting there? Are the goals you’re aiming toward really your […]

Successful Leadership Traits

The other evening I was thinking about what characterizes a great leader and wondering why we are so attracted to certain leaders at certain times in our lives? You know what I mean – the type of leader that keeps us wanting to know more and more about their message. I began thinking and I […]