15 Ways To Make Success FUN

Enjoy this recording of my October 31, 2010 radio show Women Enjoying Success as I share fifteen empowering suggestions, how-tos and strategies for making success more fun, profitable and less stressful. It’s all about Women Enjoying Success!

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I’ve also included a written list of the 15 Ways To Make Success FUN:
1. Write your mission statement

2. Set your “awesome” goals

3. Break your goals into bite-sized pieces

4. See the future as if it were already reality

5. Develop a vision board/dream board

6. Do at least one positive thing a day toward making your goal reality

7. Develop a support network of like-minded people

8. Go for excellence and not perfection

9. Keep a success journal

10. Share your successes with those people who appreciate you for what you’re accomplishing

11. Reward yourself emotionally for all your positive steps forward

12. Take time to appreciate nature

13. Make your own list of why success is fun and how you’ll celebrate achieving your goals

14. Make a list of how you will share the rewards of your successes with family, friends and others

15. Make time each day to smile, laugh and have fun empowering yourself to live your best life ever!

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