15 Inexpensive Ways To Market Your Business


If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, there are effective and inexpensive ways to promote your business, no matter your budget. In this article I’ll show you how to effectively and inexpensively deliver your business message directly to your target market.

Here’s a list of 15 inexpensive ways I’ve used to promote my own business:

1. Business cards. Business cards are a versatile and inexpensive marketing tool.

  • Give family and friends some of your business cards to hand out for you.
  • Place business cards on bulletin boards around town
  • Send along a business card with your correspondence
  • Write notes on the back on your cards as you’re giving them out

Some people like to place additional information or an offer on the back of their card – think of it as ad space

2. Greeting cards. This is a powerful relationship-building tool. Everyone likes to be remembered and appreciated with a special card delivered by mail! Birthdays, motivation, thank you . . . There is a company called SendOutCards that can help make sending “real” cards easy and inexpensive.

3. Blogging / Websites. You can gain Internet attention by regularly sharing tips that will interest and inform your target market. You can create blogs (sites that are ongoing and changing) and websites (usually remains constant and doesn’t change often) for free with WordPress.

4. Go into forums and onto message boards to ask questions and submit comments. When you ask or answer a question in a forum or submit a comment on a blog you can generally add a link back to your own website or blog. Many even allow a very brief infomercial (usually a sentence or two.)

5. Organize a Meetup as a networking venue. Meetup.com can help you create, organize and publicize a Meetup meeting in your local area. There is a monthly fee paid to Meetup.com for your Meetup’s website, technical and customer support and the publicity they provide.

6. Regularly write articles for other publications and newsletters. There are newsletter publishers out there looking for good content. Many of these sites don’t pay you but you can place a bio box at the end of the article with contact information and a link to your website or blog. Some of the sites to consider: EzineArticles.com, SubmitYOURArticle.com, Suite 101.

7. Create a BlogTalkRadio show. It’s free to produce and host your own Internet radio program. You can establish your expertise and also use these recorded programs as products or as resources on your website and blog. For an example, here’s a link to my radio show, Women Enjoying Success.

8. Networking Events. Pick and choose your events carefully. It’s not how many business cards you collect – it’s about the quality of the contacts you meet. Ask yourself this: Are the people attending this event my target market or can they introduce me to my target market? 

9. Become a speaker at local meetings. Organizations are always looking for speakers who have information of value to share with their members.

10. Keep your current clients and customers in the loop. Use newsletters, one page e-updates or a blog to let your existing clients and customers know what’s new and to share success tips and “how-to’s.” Here’s a sign up link for my EZine, Unlimited Success For Women.

11. Help A Reporter Out.com This organization sends out three emails a day, five days a week looking to match experts with reporters / talk show hosts. A reporter or host sends out a request and if you believe you fit their requirements, you email them and let them know you’d like to be contacted for an interview. It’s free to register your name and email address with HARO.

12. Facebook / Twitter / YouTube. Social networking is here to stay. Give snippets of success tips and become the go-to resource for your target market on the Internet.

13. Word of mouth marketing. Tell everyone you meet about your business. Make sure family, friends and the people with whom you do business know what you do. Sometimes we think they understand but they don’t. Come right out ask for referrals!

14. Conduct a survey. There is a survey company called SurveyMonkey.com that allows you to create free surveys online. This is a great way to find out more about the interests of your clients, customers and target market. Carefully analyze the results and then find a way to fill their needs.

15. Write reviews of the books you’ve read. Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com are looking for customers, just like you, to write reviews. In return for the reviews, you can write a short bio about yourself with a link to your website or blog. Amazon.com also accepts video reviews.

What do you think? I believe this is just the tip of the inexpensive marketing iceberg. You are limited only by your time, energy and imagination.

Any suggestions to add?


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