10 Success Truths About Leadership

I work with women entrepreneurs – women who have decided to successfully work for themselves. One commonality among successful women in business is that they understand the power of having effective leadership skills. 

Do you think of yourself as a leader? 

When many of us hear the word “leader” we conjure up pictures of political figures with hundreds of people following them down the street or some type of a huge gathering with one person on the platform speaking to cheering crowds. The reality is that even a solo-entrepreneur must possess effective leadership skills if they truly want to succeed in business. 

Leadership is a combination of learned skills and personality traits that when combined, effectively create an environment in which others want to follow you, learn from you and buy from you. 

What do you think; does leadership sound like an asset a successful business owner should possess? 

Here are ten success truths about leadership and business success: 

1. The most important person you’ll ever lead is yourself. 

2. Leadership is a learned skill – there are very few “natural born” leaders. 

3. Leaders inspire others to take action by being in the “action” they expect others to take. 

4. A pleasing and agreeable personality has a lot to do with being an effective leader.

5. True leaders are visionaries – they know how to paint a vision of success for not only themselves but for others as well. 

6. Leaders know how to bring out the best in others. 

7. Leaders walk their talk. 

8. A true leader shares the “big picture” of success. 

9. An effective leader knows how to find solutions and solve problems. 

10. Great leaders know how to communicate effectively in words, action and deed. 

Can you see why successful women in business are also successful leaders? 

If you believe you can become a better business-building leader, then make the time to seek out the role models, mentors and coaches who will inspire you to find, develop and fine-tune your own personal and professional leadership style.

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