10 Positive and Happy Ways To Begin 2013

2013 balloons coming from a computer screen

Can you believe it – it is the New Year. It’s time to take stock of how many ways you can begin 2013 with a smile on your face and optimism in your heart. Here are 10 ways I’m going forward in 2013 – come join me!

1. Right now, at the beginning of the year, plan one “fun” day a month for yourself.
Get out your 2013 planning calendar and block out one day a month as your day to do whatever you choose. Sleep all day, have a fun girl’s day out, read and watch movies from dusk until dawn, go to the beach. Mark off the days now, you can always fill in the activities later. That reserved day is etched in stone – it is your day to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.

2. Organize your closet.
It might sound a little strange to think that cleaning a closet will make you smile but picture how happy you’ll be with a clean, organized and good looking closet to greet you each morning. Throw away the old to make room for the new exciting items you’ll be adding during the coming New Year!

3. Call much loved friends to say “happy new year.”
Nothing can put a smile on your face like talking and laughing with a dear friend. Call those friends you enjoy and wish them a happy, healthy and abundant 2013.

4. Volunteer your time and energy.
Giving back is a powerful way to begin your new year with gratitude and optimism. It’s not just giving of money, but it’s sharing your time and energy too that can place a smile on your face.

5. Begin that family album or scrapbook you’ve been meaning to put together.
Collect those treasured family photos in an album so you can enjoy them more often. This project can prove to be a wonderful legacy for future generations. You’ll be smiling as you recall the memories associated with each picture.

6. Start planning your 2013 vacations and trips.
Nothing puts a smile on my face like planning a vacation to somewhere beautiful, relaxing and fun. Check out the locations, hotels, activities and dates you’d like to be there. Begin to collect brochures for your vacation vision board. It’s not too early to set your 2013 vacation goals.

7. Decide which new and empowering habits you’ll begin in 2013.
Which habits would you like to change for the better? We all have something we want to improve upon and the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to do just that. Would you like to become more optimistic? Read more empowering books? Go to more self- development seminars? Work with a coach or mentor? Write them down and then begin taking action.

8. Decide how you’re going to improve your health this coming year.
No matter how well we take care of ourselves, we can always do better. Write out a plan and decide how you are going to take action. Make this plan enjoyable. Remember, these are activities that put a smile of your face!

9. Decide how you’re going to increase your wealth in 2013.
Yes, I said wealth! 2013 is the year to think big and bold. How can you make, save and enjoy more money? Knowing you are financially secure will certainly place a smile your face all year long!

10. In 2013 with whom or with what will you make peace?
There are things over which we have no control. Which things are you willing to make peace with and which are you willing to let go? You’ll smile more and your heart will feel lighter and brighter when you make peace with those things you cannot change nor control.

2013 is your year to shine and thrive – how will you choose to smile?

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